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After Care

It’s not always an easy decision to get a tattoo, and it’s certainly not always easy to maintain a healthy one. That’s why since 2000, our team at Peace of Art Tattoo has been providing helpful tips and resources for all our clients. Here you can find some of our most recent musings that may inspire, or simply assist you in caring for your body art. We care for your health and wellbeing, which is why we invite you to follow our helpful info below.

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Colorful Tattoos

Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Tattoo Looking Great

  • Remove your bandage within 1-4 hours.

  • Wash your hands before washing your tattoo.

  • Wash you're tattoo area gently 3-4 times daily with a mild antibacterial soap.

  • Dry gently and apply a very thin coat of water-based, unscented lotion.

  • Apply lotion periodically throughout the day as needed to keep is moist but do not over-saturate the area as it will "smother" your tattoo and prolong the healing process.

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